Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day Two--A Non-Favorite Movie

As I mentioned in my Day One post, I think there are music people and everyone else. I also feel this way about movie people. I am not particularly a movie person. In high school some of my best friends went to the movies all. the. time. I'd go occasionally, but these two were buffs. I never really had the attention span to sit comfortably through and entire mov--hey, are those new shoes you have on?!

See what I mean? I just can't sit still for that long. I do enjoy, on occasion, watching movies at home. In fact, some of my favorites are better suited for sitting on the couch--Dirty Dancing, for example. I know, har har har, so corny. I had some good times as a kid re-enacting this movie in my living room, and I will forever love it. In college my roommates and I made up some fun drinking games to play along while watching "Billy Madison." So my tastes skew towards the easy and stupid. Brain candy, if you will.

C and I optimistically joined Netflix when we were first married. We'd put movies in our queue that we thought we should watch. They'd arrive in the mail, and we'd never really get around to watching them. We've since learned our lesson, and we tailor our choices to things we'd actually want to watch. For example, we've been catching up on old episodes of "Dexter" and, just the other night, enjoyed "Hot Tub Time Machine."

Such philistines, we are.

A few weeks after Calla died, we decided to stay awake past 8pm and ordered "The Hangover" on Demand. Um, terrible choice. I was so disturbed by the irresponsible handling of that freaking baby that we nearly had to turn it off.  Even now, thinking about those scenes, makes me wince. Everyone we knew absolutely RAVED about how funny they thought this movie was, and it made me feel even worse knowing how far I'd drifted from mainstream society.

Lately C has been making fun of me for choosing movies without a climax. For example, "Away We Go." Come on, nothing REALLY happens in that movie. But I think that's what I need now, in a way. Dealing with so much drama in my real life, coming down (up?) from such a climax (nadir?) I need a little stability. Movies on methadone.

I leave you with this clip:

A philistine, indeed.

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