Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 24--Where We Live

I love our city. Many others do not. I love that it has some cosmopolitan areas mixed with residential neighborhoods. Our city is chock full of beautiful architecture; mansions line one of the main streets in the city, once referred to as Millionaire's Row. I'm an unofficial "Buffalo Ambassador;" I tend to geek out on Buffalo history and its beauty to strangers. I remember a few times being in elevators on vacation, telling total strangers to come visit.

I love our beautiful Olmsted parks, I love the parkways and Frank Lloyd Wrights and EB Greenes.  I love that it's relatively cheap to live here, leaving extra funds to travel. I love that our house is within walking distance of nearly anything I'd need to do: shop at the Co-op,  go to dinner or a coffee shop, buy books at my favorite book store, take a yoga class, shop for cute things. I love the seasons here--Fall being my favorite, but Winter's pretty great if you know how to make it work. Buffalo is home to brilliant, inspired dining--believe it or not, we don't eat chicken wings every day of the year! We are close to many farms and have access to gorgeous produce for most of the year. Eating local year-round is easier than one might think.

Buffalo is much maligned in the national media and by people across the country. We have our share of black eyes: the Bills being one of those (how's it feel to go to the SuperBowl 4 times and never win? Shitty.) (Oh, and a 0-5 start this year? ugh.). "Is it snowing there now?" "No, it's August." Friends live far away, as there's not a whole lot going on job-market wise. I could go on listing negatives, but why? I love it here--it's taken me awhile to fully embrace it. I grew up here. I've spent nearly my whole life here. Do I feel a bit provincial? Sometimes. Who cares? I'm happy. We have a great life, we eat well, we play well.

You should totally come visit!


  1. Huh, I have never visited Buffalo. I have always thought of it much like the city I was born in in Pennsylvania (Allentown). Post-industrial cities that are now refinding their footing.

  2. Buffalo, amazingly, has a super dope art and music scene. It is Rust Belt, but we're making a slow, steady comeback. I've never been to Allentown but I'd imagine it's got a lot of similarities :)

  3. I couldn't agree more MB!