Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11--A Recent Picture of Me and How it Makes Me Feel

There's not too many pictures of just me laying around these days. Mostly our camera is filled with pictures of E--as it should be--and those pictures are mostly taken by me.

Gosh I remember the old days, bringing my camera out with me when we'd go out. Oh, I had bazillions of pictures of me then. Crazy, sweaty, dancy, boozy pictures. Pictures that now make me thankful we didn't have FB way back then.

(Although, when I first joined FB one of my bestest friends from college posted some delightful, fat-faced, post-kegstand pics of me she'd found and scanned in. Cringe.)

Anyway. As I was saying, pictures of me now are few and far between. Mostly I don't enjoy looking at pictures of me. I don't like what back-to-back pregnancies have done to my body, nor what having my life turned inside out has done to my face. But here we are.

One that comes to mind was actually taken right before (the day after?) I became pregnant with Calla. I was running the Cleveland Marathon, and this picture was taken at the halfway point. Then, I was feeling happy, confident, thinking the Boston Marathon was well within my reach.

Glad there's no picture of me from Mile 22.

And here's one from a few weeks ago:
Different physique, different emotions, same mindset: let's make it to the finish line.

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  1. I just was a spectator for my first ever marathon here in town! You look great in both photos...especially the bottom. Will be cheering you on all the way.