Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 28--What's In My Handbag

I carry a huge Big Buddha purse. I wish I could carry something smaller, less cumbersome, but I need a huge bag into which I can throw just about everything. I really need a new bag, as I've been carrying it for about a year straight and it's looking a little shabby. I have a tough time choosing purses; what will I want for every single day? Sigh.

On a daily basis in my handbag you can find: my wallet, a garage door opener, a pack of gum, a package of baby wipes, a package of boogie wipes, a small packet of tissues, a pen, a notebook, several lip glosses, a mirror, my keys, a few chocolate Reisen caramels, a package of Annie's fruit snacks, my phone, a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Additionally, I usually have a book (for waiting rooms), a few snack cups and a sippy cup, receipts, possibly matchbox cars, sometimes an apple and a string cheese. Sometimes my huge water bottle.

That damn purse is simply cavernous. And while I love the size, I'm often digging around in the bottom of it for something I can't find. Shit just disappears in there when I need it most.

Right now the new Belle and Sebastian CD is in there, waiting to be listened to in the car.

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