Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 15--What I Love About Our House

We moved here a year and a half ago.  I remember the day clearly when we found it. A cold, snowy January day, our first "official" trip around town to look for our new house. We'd been on and off looking for a year or so, just browsing. We'd put an offer in on another house about six months earlier; a test drive.  So this day was my first day back training for the marathon I'd eventually run in May. Those 8 snowy miles that morning wore me out--I was out of practice and didn't hydrate enough after. Looking for houses seemed exhausting.

But we walked into this house and instantly fell in love. At least I did. It had everything we could have wanted: huge kitchen, big yard, nice sized dining room, a large living room, ample bedroom space, big basement and attic for all our extra crap storage needs. And, unlike nearly every other house in our price rage, there wasn't anything we absolutely had to do immediately. We wanted it so, so badly. And, sadly, it was priced juuuuuust outside our budget. Sigh.

And then we went to see a huge monstrosity of a house with a sauna on the third floor. Shudder.

Cut to the chase, we offered the top of what we were willing to pay, which was still lower than the asking price, but our agent sat down with the owner and explained how much we loved this house. We weren't playing games, we just really wanted this house.

And she sold it to us.

So. What do I love about this house? So many things. I love our bay windows overlooking the backyard, especially the one that perfectly frames our older-than-the-house maple tree's trunk.  I love that I have more cabinet space than stuff. I love the skylight in the playroom. I love that we have room for our parlor grand piano. I love the built-in bookshelves.

I love that it felt like home as soon as we moved in.

I love that it is nearly across the street from the cemetery where Calla's stone is laid.

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