Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6--20 Things

So today's thought is to list 20 of my favorite things. Let's see. In random order:

1. New books
2. Gelato
3. Checking on E right before I go to bed, when he's asleep
4. Getting (good) mail and packages
5. High heeled shoes
6. Running
7. C's wedding ring on his hand
8. Seeing my friends
9. Going to bed and staying asleep
10. My pets, especially when they are well behaved :)
11. Baking bread
12. Hosting parties
13. Doing the laundry (really!)
14. Purging my closet/changing the clothes for the season
15. Watching E dance and sing
16. Feeling this baby kick after worrying that he won't
17. Travelling
18. Chocolate chip cookies
19. The first red leaves of Fall, and the first green shoots of Spring
20. Date nights with C


  1. Having just read you list, of course this one is inspired:
    1. Watching my sleeping child
    2. Connecting that certain way with a good friend
    3. Running for the hell of it
    4. An unexpectedly satisfying meal
    5. Not feeling overwhelmed
    6. baking pretty much anything
    7. Feeling focused
    8. Feeling someone is thinking of me
    9. Sunny days
    10. Good sleep
    11. Good timing
    12. Being prepared
    13. When Addie experiences a new place and makes it hers
    14. Someone else cooking for me
    15. X's home improvements
    16. Good neighbors
    17. Thanksgiving-Christmas
    18. Live music
    19. Travel
    20. Mike - when I let him

    For the record, i abhor cleaning out my closet