Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 12--Something I Am OCD About

This would be a better exercise to find something I'm not OCD about. Not that I have been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I don't quadruple check lights and locks, I wash my hands once per time at the sink, I don't perseverate or repeat phrases.

But I'm particular about many things. My CDs are organized alphabetically and chronologically within the artist's work. My shoes are arranged by color, occasion, heel height. My clothes all face the same way in the closet. Books are organized by author, topic, COUNTRY OF AUTHOR'S ORIGIN. Bills in wallet all face the same direction. You get the picture.

Basically, I like things to be in a certain order; I like to know where all things are at all times. This made my life just a teence difficult when E started playing with lots of different toys. "Where's the green matchbox dumptruck?" I'd search the house for some stupid little car--E didn't care where it was; I was the lunatic turning over cushions and peering under couches. And then I realized I needed to chill about that.

So what am I particularly obsessive about? Moreso than anything else? Waiting for, and feeling finally, this baby move. When I start to get anxious, I absolutely CANNOT concentrate on anything else. Hence the insomnia--waiting for a sleeping inside baby to wake up at 2am gets a little nerve-frazzling.

I figure this is one thing no one will roll their eyes at me for obsessing over. And if they do, they can eat a shit sandwich. (Burn!)


  1. I'm so OCD about toys! It's petty, I know. But I love knowing that each bin contains ONLY bugs, or ONLY cars. It's great knowing there are others like me. (Oh, and my closet? Same way!)

  2. OMG, yeah, I do that with the books, cds and dvds: genre, alphabetized, then year published. I also must put things in their color order, which I have entitled colorizing, and I am also totally neurotic about having full sets of things together, like kid toys, which is virtually impossible to do with a toddler.