Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday

This year the pseudo, consumerist "holiday" of Black Friday really got to me. It seemed everywhere I turned there were ads, coupons, deals, frenzy surrounding this day of gluttony. So much so that my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, was a mere speed bump to hurdle just to get to the shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm a girl who loves both shopping and amazing deals, but standing in line at 3AM to save sixty bucks on a television ain't never going to happen. NEVAH.

Maybe it was the painful irony that people are willing to TRAMPLE EACH OTHER for a great deal for CHRISTMAS, the holiday where we're supposedly selfless and giving and charitable, that really twisted the knife.

Maybe it was the phrase itself, "Black Friday." Lemme tell you about Black Friday. I had my own back in January, and I'm going to co-opt that phrase for my own self.

Maybe it was the parallel. We all have so much, yet there's always something more to want, something just out of our grasp, something we'd trample our best friend's grandmother to get. I am . . . blessed? Part of me absolutely hates that word. But I have an abundance of wonderfulness in my life. And yet. There's that little girl I can't ever have with me, something I want so desperately I'd trample EVERYONE'S grandmother to have back.

I am sitting on the couch, my big boy asleep upstairs, my newborn little guy asleep next to me. Currently, the newbie's down a sock. See? We all need something we don't have.


  1. We have "Boxing Day" here (the day after Christmas) where everyone goes nuts for a bargain. I have never seen the appeal, either. And yeah, I'd trample everyone's grandmothers to have her back as well. Both our girls.

  2. I really love this sound so peaceful. You really put life into perspective after a loss like ours. ((hugs to you and all of your little ones))