Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I just, I can't, wtf?

Are you kidding me? Guess what? I'm supposed to have a three month old daughter today. I sure as shit wouldn't be trying to trade her for beers.

Nor would I be inside buying cigarettes while C tried to trade her for beers. Second hand smoke is a leading cause of SIDS, people.

This is what I mean by "shitty parenting." More or less.


  1. So, in order to get a baby, I should just hang out near gas stations? I could totally afford two 40's. Hell, I'd give a case of homebrew and some birthcontrol pills for that baby.

  2. *hugs* doesn't it seem like some of the crappiest people get to be parents, while some of the nicest don't? That kills me everytime

  3. I was watching these buffoons on the Today show whose baby girl was found by a bus driver SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, at night. The driver was DRIVING THE SPEEDING BUS and saw her, stopped and stood there until this shirtless man ran out and grabbed her. Um, how about- you don't get to be parents anymore. What about that option? I though of you, and then about e and I and how in many states, we are not even "allowed" to be parents.