Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a few more . . .

See Jan 31 for a list of adjectives, and here are a few more:

* like a failure
*un-naive (I know--that's not a word. It is now.)

That's all. For now.


  1. Well...there is always sometime potentially positive to come out of Groundhog day. And, keep in mind, that this month is a 3 full days shorter than January. So, in fact, it will go faster. And you know, in March, there is always a day towards the end where the sun comes out, and the temperature goes up, and you just know, that even if it snows again and again...the spring is coming. You will survive. I know you will.

  2. "*un-naive (I know--that's not a word. It is now.)"

    I really do love your way with words. Officially.

    I have no idea if you'll ever see these comments since I'm reading long after you first wrote, but I've still got to say something.

    Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. I wish like anything that Calla hadn't died. She is really, really, real - like you said. She is.

    Why?? Why does something so horrible have to happen to someone so full of life? I don't understand.

    Cathy in Missouri