Saturday, January 23, 2010


Son of a bitch, is it really still JANUARY?

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  1. Wretched and cruel winter, it is still January. I thought maybe it was May...given the sunlight this morning. Tricked again. I've been following along every day and will continue to follow, mostly to know you are still out there. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to comment, maybe not. Maybe that's not quite what I'm supposed to do. But, given that you are a friend, and given that your writings are catharctic, I hope, for you, and provocative for me, here goes...It's been what...two weeks since your entire life as you knew it fell down. Right at the time of the Haitian earthquake, so too did all the structures you've so beautifully crafted get yanked right out from under you. This awful tornado that you are forced to endure that just jumped up and wrecked your life as you knew it. I'm thinking that this is about as bad as it gets-Jesus I hope so. I don't think you have to be a pillar of strength and grace right now. Maybe it's enough I have no idea. Enough to choke down a grilled cheese or enough to just grit your teeth while E destroys the house. I left two libraries with the screaming J today, twice, all I could do was deep breathing and my mind isn't being invaded by uninvited grief. I think we, the collective women we, have had enough of the Oprah stories of rebuilding and survival and somehow that creates the expectation that through misery you are supposed to poetically see the sunshine and sprout life affirming-isms for the rest of us. Bullshit. You are pissed, and rightfully so. If I knew how to slam my fist through a wall for you, I would. But, I want to sell this house someday. Miserable attempt at humor. MB...we are with you, wherever your emotions go. You don't have to compare your tragedy to the rest of the world. Let the rest of the world go on...just be in yours. -H