Friday, August 13, 2010

The September Issue

Just a quick note before bedtime (yes it's 9:30 PM, so what?!):

The September issue of Glamour came in the mail today. I look forward to September issues of fashion mags as much as some might anticipate Christmas morning--all those glossy ads, fall fashions, TWEEDS AND PLAIDS for goodness sakes!

But this issue, this year, is different. Tucked way into the mag--page 396 to be exact--is a babylost story. In face the title starts"The Baby I Lost . . ." followed by a picture of tiny overalls hanging on the dresser.

Whimsy be damned this year. Truth be told I'm too tired right now to read the whole article . . . and I've had too much of a week to go there at the moment.


There it is. I'm wondering what the reaction will be. The author, I've gleaned, went on to have her second baby. Her story is dramatic and tragic--her life clearly was in danger when the shit went down. I'm sure the women who read this magazine will be horrified and sympathetic. But will they GET IT?

I'm actually happy this story is in a mainstream fashion mag. Check it out.

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  1. I could NOT be more surprised. Holy shit. Good for them.