Friday, September 17, 2010

Wherever My Rational Brain Went, I Hope She's Having Fun

All I have to say is this: after a laugh-filled night of fold'ems and P.roject R.unway, I came home and flopped into bed. Despite waking at 2:30 for a pacifier request, and being horribly thirsty all the live-long night, I did manage to squeak out a few hours of sleep.

After C took E downstairs, I had the most dream-filled sleep of the night--somewhere between 6 and 7 AM. This stretch involved short films featuring friends from college (the likes of whom I haven't seen for at least 10, 12 years) and their fictional families. Also, I dreamt I was in a race, a sort of physical fitness test that's administered to pregnant ladies around this time. Again, hmmmm. But the best part, and of this I was completely convinced upon waking, I was pregnant not with a human child, but a tiger cub.

I remember thinking, "Oh shit! I can't have a tiger! What the hell is wrong with my genetics that this happened?!" And I asked the nurse, "Well, is it hard to nurse a baby tiger?" And then I was sad because I knew I wouldn't be able to nurse this baby tiger, and this baby tiger would have to go live in the wild, away from us somewhere and I still would be lonely.

I had an ultrasound that looked like I was peering through a porthole, only to see a life-sized, adult tiger peeking back at me.

Of course we want the best outcome, and I'll love this child no matter what. But I hope he doesn't have striped fur and giant teeth.


  1. Ouch is my reaction to nursing a tiger! What a dream!

    These last few weeks are so hard. Thinking of you and hoping the next weeks fly by for you. You will make it through. I know it. (And I hate when non-dbm tell me that, but I don't care when dbm tell me that. But I am sorry if you are annoyed by my last sentence.)

  2. I'm wincing in pain at the thought of cub teeth while nursing...

  3. @ CLC--ouch was my reaction, too! And no, not annoyed at all. I appreciate the good thoughts and know you know . . . :)

  4. The weird dreams you get when pregnant, I am definitely not a fan of them either. I hope the next few weeks go quickly for you and thanks for commenting on my blog, I was feeling a bit alone on that one - it is so hard to explain all these feelings.