Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Non-stop fun for everyone!

Yesterday afternoon I was really feeling like I had everything under control. Then I went out to buy milk.

I was having an easy kind of day despite the intense, screaming pain in my legs and hips. As many of you know, I ran the Cleveland Marathon on Sunday. Monday was a rough one, physically and mentally, but as the day progressed, things were improving. After baby boy's morning nap we made a productive trip to the pet store and Wegmans, then returned home for lunch and--miracle of all miracles--a THREE AND A HALF HOUR afternoon nap for little E.

Sounds pretty tame, yes?

Like I said, then we went out for milk.

We returned from Dash's just before six o'clock and Cosmo, our big, goofy Labradoodle, wasn't overjoyed to see us. Turns out Cosmo decided to help himself to a container of strawberries and a box of ant traps. Not only was our freshly-cleaned white carpet covered in pink splotches, there were four out of eight ant baits punctured and strewn about the floor.

Holy crap on so many levels.

Long story short, Cosmo's fine, the carpet is cleaned, and my marriage is intact. All three of those outcomes were in jeopardy for the few hours that followed my return from getting the freaking milk.

Did anyone else know that ant traps are filled with--get this--PEANUT BUTTER?! Like my dog can resist that. Needless to say, I won't be leaving anything out on the counter again, poisonous or not.

Ahh, the lessons we learn . . .

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