Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love You Forever

Tonight I did something I've been putting off for nearly three years: I read E Love You Forever. Now, this has long been a favorite of mine, but an absolute KILLER to read and sing. And then tonight I learned this book was born from Robert Munsch and his wife having two dead babies. Cue the waterworks.

But lately E has been acting very THREE. Whining, yelling, doing things he knows better than to do. And I feel like I'm constantly correcting and redirecting. I thought it was time for this book. I will love him forever, and like him for always. And as long as I'm living, my baby he'll be.

Tonight I am tired from a hard workout, tired from a long day after a long night of little sleep. But this tired is so much better than being tired from crying all night. Even so, I am missing my baby girl. I am loving my little boys.

Ah, this life.

To all my babies, I will love you forever. Wherever you may be, whether I can sneak into your rooms at night and rock you, or sit by your stone and cry. I will love you all forever.


  1. I don't have that book. I have to check it out, for a good weep. Sending you love. xo

  2. While I'm here I have to comment on this post too. We cremated R with a copy of "Go To Sleep" it's nearly impossible to read that book to C without melting into a puddle of tears. I don't think I could even attempt "Love You Forever." I'm getting weepy just thinking about it.

  3. So the title of the book I'm talking about is actually "Time for Bed." I won't even bother explaining the shenanigans that led to me getting it wrong and then taking so long to correct it. I assure you that it's a very touching story.